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  • Stan's No Tubes Bicycle Dart Tubeless Repair Refill - 5 Dart Refill from Sprocket Kings
  • Stan's No Tubes Bicycle Dart Tubeless Repair Refill - 5 Dart Refill From Sprocket Kings
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Stan's No Tubes Bicycle Dart Tubeless Repair Refill - 5 Dart Refill

Stan's No Tubes

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Stan's No Tubes Bike DART Tubeless Repair Refill

  • Includes 5 DART Refills (required DART Tool not included)

  • Reacts with Stan’s sealant to form an instant, airtight seal

  • Barbed plastic tip anchors into tire and will not pull out when riding

  • Flexible fabric conforms to shape of puncture and bonds with sealant

  • Wears off clean, no trimming needed, and can not be felt while riding, even on road tires

  • Includes sealed container and carrier rack for fast and easy reloads

Our Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) system offers a better way to fix damaged tubeless tires. Specially treated DARTs don’t just plug large slices and punctures in your tires, they react with Stan’s sealant to form a permanent airtight bond. This Refill kit contains five DARTs and a carrier that makes reloading your DART Tool fast and easy, all stored in a compact, sealed container.

In designing the DART, we took a long look at existing plug technology and found many ways to make major improvements. Unlike large, sharp insertion tools and rubber plugs that can damage rim tape and force punctures to open even wider, DARTs are safer, easier to use and much more effective at sealing your damaged tubeless tire.

Each DART includes a barbed plastic tip that anchors into a puncture securely while being safe for rims, rim tape and hands. Attached to each barbed tip is a specially shaped, laser-cut material treated with a patent pending solution that reacts with latex sealant. The DART’s ability to create a chemical reaction with sealant is its most impressive feature, but the material itself is also important. By being lighter and more flexible than traditional tire plugs, the material of the DART can better contour to the shape of a slice or puncture. This special material is also much lighter than conventional tire plugs and can’t be felt when riding, even on a road tire. That means a DART does not need to be trimmed after being inserted, unlike other plugs that can accidentally be pulled out in the process of riding if not trimmed. With the DART, repair is as easy as locating the puncture, inserting DART, and getting on with your ride. 

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