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Mirrycle Handlebar Mirror - World's Most Popular Bicycle Mirror!


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Product Overview

 The Mirrycle mounts in minutes with the wrench that is included. The mirror is a 3″ round, convex glass mirror with a wide field of view. The mirror is adjustable to any viewing angle.

  • Fits inside handlebars with 15.2mm - 23.4mm inside diameters
  • Mounts in minutes with the wrench that is included
  • Bar end wedge attachment

Installation Instructions

1. Cut out the end of, or remove, the plug
in the end of the left handlebar grip. To cut,
use a fairly sharp knife and poke through
the end of the handlebar grip then cut
around the inside of the handlebar. If you
live in a country where you drive on
the left side of the road, cut a hole in
the end of the right grip.

2. The Mirrycle comes with two sizes of
wedge. Use the larger of the two wedges
unless it won’t fit inside your handlebar.
Assemble the appropriate wedge to the mirror
base using the long bolt and the barrel
nut. Put the long bolt through the mirror
base and wedge and then screw it into the
barrel nut. Pull the wedge onto the barrel
nut to secure it.

3. Place the mirror base in the end of
your handlebar. Push it in so it is snug up
against the end of the handlebar grip.
Position the mirror base so that the
top of it tilts far forward (about halfway
between straight up and parallel
to the ground. If you have bar ends,
position the mirror base so that the
top tilts further down and out of the
way of the bar end. Use the hex wrench
that is included to tighten the bolt until
the mirror base is secure in the end of the

4. Attach the mirror arm to the mirror base.
Put three small washers on a cap screw and
insert it into the hole in the elbow end of the
mirror arm. Now put a big washer on the
cap screw and screw it into the mirror base
and tighten it using the hex wrench. The
cap screws are an extremely tight fit
when screwed into the brass inserts.
Keep the hex wrench pushed into the
head of the cap screw while turning it.
Don’t worry about breaking any of the

5. Attach the mirror holder to the mirror
arm. Put one small washer on a cap screw
and insert it into the countersunk hole in the
mirror holder bracket. Put a big washer on
the cap screw and screw it into the mirror
arm and tighten it using the hex wrench
included. As stated in #4 above, the
cap screw fit into the brass insert is
extremely tight.

6. Take a ride on your bike on a quiet street
and adjust the mirror to get a good idea of
what your view will be.


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