SaltStick Fastchews Detailed Usage Guide | SaltStick Fastchews Electrolyte FAQs

Detailed Usage Guide for SaltStick Fastchew Electrolyte Tablets

Fastchews are about the same diameter as a U.S. dime.

As a general guideline, athletes should consume 2 tablets (1 serving) per 15-30 minutes during any land-based activity (bike/run) for the duration of the activity. In hot conditions, extreme humidity, or for larger athletes, a greater number of Fastchews may be needed to maintain safe electrolyte levels. The suggested maximum dose per day for adults is 50 tablets. This represents 100% of standard sodium RDA (based on a 2000 calorie diet). Individuals may find they are limited to fewer tablets than the suggested maximum. It is strongly recommended to test your planned electrolyte protocol in training several times before race day.

Product FAQ

  1. Can Fastchews be dissolved in water to create a sports drink?
    We don’t recommend it. While it’s technically acceptable, the tablet was formulated to be enjoyed by eating directly. It is not very soluble in water, unlike effervescent tablets that are designed only for dissolution in water. If that is your desired use, we suggest trying a product dedicated to that application, such as SaltStick Elixalyte™, a liquid concentrate where one serving (5 mL) approximately equals the electrolytes in one capsule of SaltStick Caps.

    2. How many Fastchews equals one SaltStick capsule? Why is the concentration lower?
    Approximately 4 Fastchews equals 1 SaltStick Cap, and all 4 electrolytes are scaled accordingly. The amount of electrolytes is lower in Fastchews to ensure a delicious taste and the ability for athletes to customize their nutrition delivery in smaller doses.

    3. How should Fastchews be stored?
    Unopened packets or bottles of Fastchews should generally be stored at room temperature and under dry conditions for longest shelf life. Opened packets and bottles should be kept sealed and used as soon as practical.

    4. What happens if Fastchews get wet?
    Fastchews will be affected by moisture as salt tends to absorb moisture from the air, eventually causing the tablet to fall apart. This is a cosmetic change, not a safety issue, but from a practical standpoint, the tablet won’t be as easy to consume. Sealed packets and bottles of Fastchews are moisture-resistant and should survive exposure to sweat and moisture during exercise. Always best to keep the product dry.

    5. Do I need to take Fastchews with water?
    No. Fastchews can be consumed with or without water, depending on personal preference and on circumstances. You will still need some source of hydration over time, but you can drink when you need fluid, and take Fastchews when you need electrolytes, not necessarily at the same moment.

    6. Can I suck on Fastchews or do I need to chew and swallow?
    Certainly! You will absorb electrolytes quickly through buccal tissue (inside your mouth, under your tongue) so if you prefer, you can keep Fastchews in your mouth until it dissolves fully. The choice is yours.

    7. Why isn’t there vitamin D in Fastchews as there is in SaltStick Caps and Caps Plus?
    Fastchews were formulated without vitamin D as it reduced the shelf life of the product and vitamin D has found its way into many sports nutrition products so its extra addition was deemed unnecessary for most cases. If you or your physician determine that addition of vitamin D is helpful, we suggest using SaltStick Caps or Caps Plus, or adding a specific vitamin D supplement.

    8. Why is sodium citrate used rather than sodium chloride?
    Sodium citrate is a “performance” source of the electrolyte sodium that is easy to absorb and helps to soothe the stomach, as well as tasting less “salty” than table salt (sodium chloride). It is the same sodium source that is used in SaltStick Caps Plus.

    9. What are the other ingredients listed used for? Are they safe?
    In addition to the salts of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, Fastchews contains the following ingredients that are used for the indicated purpose. All ingredients are “Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)” and have been used extensively in foods and supplements for many years and have excellent safety profiles.
    Dextrates: It is composed of glucose monohydrate and different polysaccharides derived from starch. Non-GMO origin. Used as a binder to form the bulk of the tablet. Slightly sweet taste, and the source of the 4 calories per tablet.
    Dextrose: A form of glucose (sugar). Non-GMO origin. Used in trace amounts to provide texture and binding.
    Citric acid: A natural preservative from citrus fruits, provides a “bite” in the mouth like sour candies.
    Natural flavor: A proprietary mixture based on lemon-lime or orange natural flavoring. The orange flavor mixture contains a tiny trace amount of lactose. The lemon-lime is lactose-free.
    Stearic acid: A waxy, natural fatty acid sourced from vegetable fat used as a solid lubricant to assist with tablet formation and compression.
    Crospovidone: A cross linked polyvinyl N-pyrrolidone, is a common, FDA-approved inactive ingredient used as a disintegrant in tablets making Fastchews chewable.
    Malic acid: Naturally present in many fruit, malic acid is used here to provide the pleasantly sour taste of fruit to help mask the salty electrolyte taste. Malic acid is also an important component in our body’s energy production cycle.
    Silica: Silicon dioxide (sand) is naturally-occurring and used as an anti-caking agent and glidant to allow powder to flow freely when tablets are processed.
    Magnesium stearate: A natural salt sourced from vegetable oil and used as a solid lubricant to assist with tablet formation and compression.
    Stevia extract: Isolated from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, provides natural sweetness to the overall formulation.

    10. Are Fastchews vegan or vegetarian?
    Orange Fastchews contain a tiny trace amount of lactose in the natural flavor blend, making this product suitable for vegetarians. Lemon-Lime, Seedless Watermelon and Perfectly Peach Fastchews do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and would be suitable for vegan diets.

    11. Are Fastchews non-GMO?
    Out of an abundance of caution, we have carefully sourced all non-GMO ingredients whenever the possibility of GMO exist for a given ingredient. Only plant-based ingredients (not minerals) have GMO/non-GMO varieties, and so only the non-GMO versions have been used. We should state, however, we are not aware of any scientific studies that have demonstrated any difference between GMO and non-GMO ingredients on human health or outcome of disease, and so we have used non-GMO ingredients to satisfy the consumer population seeking such products.

    12. Are Fastchews gluten-free?
    Yes, Fastchews have been formulated with ingredients that specifically contain no gluten.

    13. Are Fastchews considered organic?
    No, Fastchews contain ingredients that are considered to be both from organic and non-organic agriculture practices. Due to lack of availability, not all ingredients could be sourced organically, but where possible, organic ingredients were used.

    14. Is there colour added?
    No colour has been added to Fastchews. It’s not needed. This means that both the orange and lemon-lime tablets are white! But you can tell the difference by their distinct smell from the natural flavoring.

    15. Are Fastchews Kosher?
    We do not have official Kosher certification, but since the products are vegetarian, they are likely suitable for a Kosher diet. Note that the orange flavor contains a tiny trace amount of lactose.

    16. Are Fastchews steroid and banned substance free?
    Yes, Fastchews have been carefully formulated not to contain any banned substances. Furthermore, Fastchews are tested by an independent 3rd partyto carryout testing on batches of product to further ensure athlete safety.

    17. Can Fastchews be used to help a hangover?
    In our experience, proper hydration (with water) and electrolyte intake are key to avoid the dehydrating effects of alcohol that contribute to hangover symptoms. SaltStick Fastchews and SaltStick Caps can be used to help replace the electrolytes lost. We can’t claim that Fastchews will cure hangovers, but you won’t be disappointed!

    18. Are Fastchews suitable for children and youth sports?
    Yes! Fastchews have been formulated to be safe for children when used under parental supervision. Fastchews, when paired with water, provide a convenient and healthy alternative to sugar-laden sports drinks.

    19. What is the recommended dose?
    The suggested use of Fastchews is 2 tablets (1 serving) per 15-30 minutes. Individual usage will vary, and consumers will be best served by testing out their usage under various conditions.

    20. What is the maximum dose per day?
    The suggested maximum dose per day for adults is 50 tablets. This represents 100% of standard sodium RDA (based on a 2000 calorie diet). Individuals may find they are limited to fewer tablets than the suggested maximum.

    21. Can Fastchews be used for other sports and activities?
    Yes! Fastchews can be used for all sports and activities that may cause a loss of electrolytes or where fluid is consumed. This can include tennis, football, water sports, rock climbing, hiking, gardening, and walking.

    22. My Fastchews show some brown spots of discolouration. What’s wrong?
    With humidity and in warmer conditions, the ingredients in Fastchews (sugars and amino acids) can react in the Maillard reaction to create white and brown spots. This is similar to the reaction that give browned foods their flavor and the process of coffee roasting and toasting bread. It’s harmless and while unsightly, does not actually affect the performance or safety of Fastchews. We continue to monitor the analytics and stability of the product over time. We suggest keeping the unused product in cool and dry conditions to avoid this possible issue.

    23. Why is there lactose in Orange Fastchews?
    Lactose is present in minute trace amounts in the natural orange flavor mix used to flavor Orange Fastchews. The quantity is tiny, but those with an allergy to lactose should refrain from using the orange flavored product. That is why the package has an allergen warning. The lemon-lime flavor does not contain lactose.