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SaltStick Elixalyte Liquid Additive - 120ml Bottle


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Product Overview

Elixalyte features a proprietary high-performance formulation that provides a balanced supply of bioavailable sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Sodium is derived from sodium citrate, a proven source that has the added benefit of soothing the stomach. The formulation mirrors the electrolyte profile lost in sweat, in a form and quantity the body can absorb. Quickly fortify your preferred sports drink or beverage.


  • Natural tart and salty flavor allows fortification of water and your favourite sports drinks with limited flavor change
  • Contains sodium citrate, helps soothe the stomach
  • Zero calories and ingredients are: non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and fat-free
  • No trace minerals, zinc, or sulfates (overdose and potential health hazards)
  • Tested not to contain banned substances
  • Bio-available active ingredients

Why Choose SaltStick Elixalyte?

SaltStick Elixalyte has been formulated to provide electrolytes to help minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to perspiration, in a quantity and form which your body can absorb. This product is ideal for athletes, outdoor workers or for use in hot conditions. One 5ml serving of SaltStick Elixalyte in an hour equates to 210 mg sodium, 60 mg potassium, 16 mg calcium, and 8 mg magnesium per hour, which is the ideal ratio to keep you moving. Learn more in these key sections below:

  • Clean & Simple Ingredients — get the full list of ingredients in SaltStick Elixalyte and learn how SaltStick Electrolytes are manufactured and tested.
  • Clear Competitive Advantage — compare SaltStick Electrolytes to your sweat loss and against competing products and learn why world-champion athletes choose SaltStick for electrolyte replacement.
  • Detailed Usage Guide — learn how the pros use SaltStick Elixalyte for a wide variety of sports, and get tips on using Elixalyte as a daily supplement or for low-sodium conditions.
  • Answers to Your FAQ — the most frequently asked questions about SaltStick Elixalyte. Topics include product usage, safety, expiration, and warranty.
  • Backed by Research —learn the science behind SaltStick Electrolytes in our library of helpful research and articles.

    Clean & Simple Ingredients

    Nearly every lot of SaltStick is independently tested for substances. None of our competitors can say that. SaltStick Electrolytes are made in the USA at an FDA-inspected cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Learn more about our manufacturing and safety standards and our routine banned substance and drug testing.

    SaltStick Elixalyte ingredients: Sodium citrate, Citric acid, Potassium citrate, Magnesium citrate, Calcium chloride, Potassium sorbate, Xanthan gum, and Sodium benzoate

    All ingredients in SaltStick Elixalyte are clearly labeled on the bottle.

    Detailed Usage Guide

    As a general guideline, athletes should consume one 5mL serving of SaltStick Elixalyte every 30-60 minutes during any land-based activity (bike/run) for the duration of the activity. In hot conditions, extreme humidity, or for larger athletes, a greater number of servings may be needed to maintain safe electrolyte levels. The maximum number of SaltStick Elixalyte servings recommended per day is 6, although athletes in extreme conditions and longer events may find it necessary to exceed this number. It is strongly recommended to test your planned electrolyte protocol in training several times before race day.

    Product FAQ

    What is Elixalyte?
    SaltStick® Elixalyte is the first concentrated electrolyte add-in with all 4 major electrolytes. Elixalyte features a scientifically-derived, proprietary high-performance formulation that provides a balanced supply of bioavailable sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Sodium is derived from sodium citrate, a proven source that has the added benefit of soothing the stomach. The formulation mirrors the electrolyte profile lost in sweat, in a form and quantity the body can absorb. Its non-GMO ingredients are all natural, gluten-free, vegan, and without artificial sweeteners or colours.

    Why use Elixalyte?
    This is a product that provides an additional delivery option for individuals who seek to consume additional electrolytes. As a liquid format designed to be added to water or a custom beverage, this enables users to enjoy their favorite sports drink while increasing the electrolyte content to a more effective level.

    Who should use Elixalyte?
    Anyone who wants to replace electrolytes should consider using Elixalyte. This includes athletes, those on a ketogenic diet, individuals with POTS and EDS seeking to increase sodium intake, outdoor workers, and others.

    Why is calcium so important?
    Elixalyte is currently the only concentrated electrolyte add-in with significant amounts of calcium, in line with the losses through sweat, and proportional to the other electrolytes lost in sweat: sodium, potassium and magnesium.

    What is the serving size?
    The serving size is 5 mL (1 tsp) which is about a capful. Use a teaspoon to measure the serving accurately. A 120 mL bottle contains 24 servings of 5 mL.

    How do you dilute/prepare your drink?
    We suggest combining one serving (5 mL or 1 tsp) with approximately 500 mL (17 fl oz, 2 cups) of liquid. Users may prefer a stronger or more dilute mixture, depending on personal preference and usage. Always shake the concentrate before use to ensure any settling that has taken place is well mixed. Never consume Elixalyte straight from the bottle- it’s too concentrated and the taste is too strong! Ensuring proper mixing (shaking) will properly distribute the product within your drink.

    What is the maximum dose per day?
    The maximum standard dose is 6 servings, 30 mL (1 fl oz) per day. We suggest exceeding the maximum dose only under guidance of a physician or coach.

    What does it taste like?
    Elixalyte imparts a tart salty taste to the beverage. Most users would best enjoy adding Elixalyte to water along with a zero-calorie flavoring (like Crystal Light) or to their preferred sports drink. Never consume Elixalyte straight from the bottle- it’s too concentrated and the taste is too strong!

    Why doesn’t Elixalyte contain Vitamin D?
    Studies have proven that vitamin D assists with calcium absorption, which is why it’s in our capsule products, however,  due to the limited stability of vitamin D in a liquid format, we have opted to ensure long-term stability and matching our label claims by excluding vitamin D from this formulation. We suggest users consider alternative dedicated vitamin D sources for increased vitamin D supplementation.

    What if I get Elixalyte in my eyes or on my skin?
    Flush with water until no longer irritated. The salt and citric acid will sting eyes and skin like sea water. Seek medical attention if necessary.

    How should Elixalyte be stored?
    Store contents in a cool (room temperature or below) environment. Keep bottle lid closed.

    What color is Elixalyte?
    Elixalyte concentrate is a white milky liquid. Once diluted into a beverage, the solution may remain slightly cloudy. This is completely normal. Ensuring proper mixing (shaking) will properly distribute the product within your drink.

    I see a cloudy solution. Is that normal?
    Yes, Elixalyte creates a suspension within your beverage and correctly delivers electrolytes upon consumption. Just make sure you’ve properly mixed/shaken during preparation.

    What is xanthan gum and why is it in Elixalyte?
    Xanthan gum is a GRAS material (generally recognized as safe by US FDA and other authorities worldwide). It’s used in Elixalyte as a gelling agent, to keep the minerals in a homogeneous suspension and ready for dilution.

    Why is there citric acid in Elixalyte?
    Citric acid provides the acidity to assist with preservation against bacterial growth. As well, citric acid is an important part of the Krebs energy cycle and can be a beneficial ingredient in our cells to assist with energy production. Citric acid also works with sodium citrate as a buffering agent, that stabilizes against pH changes in blood.

    Is Elixalyte better than other SaltStick products?
    Each SaltStick product has its utility. The particular benefit of Elixalyte is its versatility to fortify your favorite sports drink, and for those individuals who may have difficulty swallowing capsules (SaltStick Caps and Caps Plus) or chewing tablets (Fastchews). Elixalyte delivers about the same amount of electrolytes per serving (5 mL) as a serving (1 capsule) of SaltStick Caps or Caps Plus.

    Why is sodium citrate used instead of sodium chloride? What is wrong with “salt”?
    Sodium citrate is a source of the important electrolyte sodium in a form that is readily available to the body, while at the same time, soothes the stomach. For individuals with sensitive stomachs, especially during intense exercise, sodium citrate is an ideal source of sodium as compared with sodium chloride (table salt). As well, sodium citrate tastes “less salty” and makes for an ideal powdered supplement to add to create a custom electrolyte beverage. It is a more expensive ingredient and therefore products with this material may cost more. Sodium citrate is one of the active ingredients in the antacid “Alka-Seltzer” and hence soothes the stomach while supplying sodium for electrolyte replacement. Also, some athletes have found that the chloride present in sodium chloride (table salt) can irritate the stomach. Both sodium chloride and sodium citrate are easily absorbed into the body.

    Does Elixalyte contain heavy metals and trace minerals?
    No. Since all our ingredients are pure minerals formulated into pure water, you will not be consuming 60+ trace minerals, potentially including naturally-occurring heavy metals and untested ingredients. What is listed ON the label is what’s INSIDE the bottle. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Is Elixalyte vegan or vegetarian?
    Elixalyte does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and would be suitable for vegan diets.

    Is Elixalyte non-GMO?
    Out of an abundance of caution, we have carefully sourced all non-GMO ingredients whenever the possibility of GMO exist for a given ingredient. Only plant-based ingredients (not minerals) have GMO/non-GMO varieties, and so only the non-GMO versions have been used. We should state, however, we are not aware of any scientific studies that have demonstrated any difference between GMO and non-GMO ingredients on human health or outcome of disease, and so we have used non-GMO ingredients to satisfy the consumer population seeking such products.

    Is Elixalyte gluten-free?
    Yes, Elixalyte has been formulated with ingredients that specifically contain no gluten.

    Is Elixalyte considered organic?
    No, Elixalyte contains ingredients that are considered to be both from organic and non-organic agriculture practices. Due to lack of availability, not all ingredients could be sourced organically, but where possible, organic ingredients were used.

    Does Elixalyte contain caffeine?
    No. Elixalyte does not contain caffeine. If you are seeking an energy boost along with electrolytes, consider our product SaltStick Caps Plus, which contains 30mg caffeine per capsule.

    What kind of allergens are in Elixalyte?
    Elixalyte is free of yeast, starch, wheat, soy, nuts, milk, eggs, and shellfish

    Is Elixalyte steroid and banned substance free?
    Yes, Elixalyte has been carefully formulated not to contain any banned substances. Furthermore, Elixalyte is tested by an independent 3rd party to carryout testing on batches of product to further ensure athlete safety.

    Why does Elixalyte contain potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate?
    These materials are in Elixalyte in low amounts to ensure bacterial growth is limited under normal conditions. Both potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are GRAS materials, which are generally recognized as safe by the US FDA and other worldwide authorities. They are also naturally present in many foods and widely used in other supplements and products.

    What is the shelf life of Elixalyte?
    Each bottle is stamped with an expiry date that is 2 years from the date of manufacture. We also suggest using the product within 6 months of opening to reduce the chance of bacterial growth. If you notice an off-colour or odor, it is probably best to discard the product.

    Is Elixalyte safe for children under 18?
    Children under 18 should use Elixalyte under adult supervision. As with any dietary supplement, we always suggest following guidelines under adult supervision, and to introduce to smaller individuals at lower doses.

    Are the Elixalyte bottles BPA free?
    The PET bottles used for all SaltStick products are BPA and phthalate free. They are tested and certified for use for food products.


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