Park Tool TS-25 Repair Stand Mount Wheel Truing Attachment

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Park Tool TS-25 Repair Stand Mount Wheel Truing Attachment


The Repair Stand Mounted Wheel Truing Stand TS-25 by Park Tool is an excellent addition to your existing Park Tool Repair Stand, allowing you to true wobbly wheels without purchasing something more expensive and elaborate. The TS-25 attaches to a wide variety of Park Tool Repair Stands with its quick-release clamp, working with both the PRS-25 and PCS-10 Repair Stands, as well as the PCS-1 (post 1996), PCS-4-1, PCS-4-2, and PCS-4 Repair Stands with adjustable height extension (all stands sold separately). It'll true any wheel size and rim width, as well as accommodate both quick-release skewers and thru-axles. Please note, wheels with thru-axles require you to purchase the Park Tool TS-TA Thru Axle Adaptor before you can mount them to your Park Tool Repair Stand. The TS-25 is comprised of a bracket that attaches to the top of the repair stand and holds your wheel securely in place, combined with a truing gauge with quick-release clamp that slides up and down to accommodate varying wheel sizes. The truing gauge slides out to the rim, so you can adjust it to true different rim widths and profiles.



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